About Us

Our role in the alcoholic beverage industry
As agents, we represent producers of alcoholic beverages from other countries to the LCBO in Ontario, Canada. We fill a niche in providing availability of fine products to liquor licensees and retail consumers in Ontario. We have built solid business relationships with our suppliers and are consistently in contact with them. We strive to meet our restaurant clients' inventory needs and requests in an industry where many factors beyond our control affect product availability.

Our commitment
For the past 15 years, our commitment has been to source wines of outstanding quality from small-to-medium-sized producers. Our suppliers are passionate about keeping the winemaking traditions of their respective regions alive, often over many generations.

Our philosophy
We all have individual tastes and preferences and should explore them personally rather than follow trends or the opinions of others.

Ratings and awards have their place but shouldn't be your only guide. Keep in mind that wine changes over time and your tasting experience will vary and depend on many factors. Experts' tastings have a different context than your own, including a date that's now in the past. And many wines don't impress judges who are swishing and spitting, but shine when enjoyed with food.

We believe that wine is integral to a relaxed enjoyment of life and to shared occasions with family and friends, and to savour after a long day's work. Wine is always present on our dinner table!

Our staff
Rolando Maya is the managing director of Argentum Wine Imports and The Full Wineglass Agency & Imports. He is originally from Mendoza, Argentina but has lived in Ontario for many years. He is intimately familiar with the wine regions of his homeland and has also made many trips to Italy, Portugal, Spain and France to meet producers and visit their facilities. He is the quintessential personable host and enjoys sharing wine-related lore and anecdotes.

Christine Bruggemann researches, writes, translates, edits, and does graphic design work for our online presence and printed materials. She enjoys any kind of creative challenge, coding, and solving computer-related issues. She also does record-keeping and administrative tasks for our agencies.

To round out the team that facilitates sales and deliveries of our Consignment and Private Order wines, we work with independent wine sales representatives and an industry-trusted wine delivery courier service.