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How to Buy


  • As always, you must be of legal drinking age (19 or older) in order to purchase alcoholic beverages in Ontario.

  • According to LCBO regulations, imported consignment alcoholic beverages available through agents must be purchased by the case only.

So you want to buy a case!

  • Except for certain wines in the "Products of the World" program, you will not be able to purchase the case through your local LCBO store. It must be purchased through our agency.

  • Please inquire about the availability status of any alcoholic beverage you are interested in purchasing. It may either be in stock or in transit and available soon. If not, we can place an order through the LCBO.

  • If the product is in stock, we can deliver or ship it to you within two to three business days.

  • Payment is by Visa or Mastercard at point of purchase (in person or over the phone) or by cheque or cash upon delivery.


  • Prices given on our website are retail prices. Licensee prices will usually be slightly lower.

  • Prices shown do not include the HST; it will be added to all purchases and delivery charges. Also, we are required to add a Refundable Bottle Deposit ($0.20 per bottle for wine/spirits, $0.10 per bottle for beer or Espresso Wine cup) on all purchases.

  • All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Return Policy

  • Within 30 days of purchase, if you encounter a bottle where the wine is corked or otherwise defective, we will exchange it for a new bottle IF you retain the bottle and the remaining defective wine and return it to us. (In other words, don't dump the wine--we need it back!)

  • Simply contact us and we'll take it from there.

  • Please don't try to get a refund through an LCBO store, as they won't be able to issue one.
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