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Casa de Vilacetinho
Alpendurada | Amarante (sub-region of Vinho Verde wine region)
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The wine-producing region of Vinho Verde is located in the northwest corner of Portugal, right on the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the oldest wine regions of Portugal. Most of its vineyards are tended by small producers. More info

Vilacetinho Vinho Verde DOC
$13.95 plus HST and 20-cent deposit

Origin: Alpendurada | Amarante (sub-region of Vinho Verde wine region).

Grape Varieties: Avesso, Arinto, Azal, and Loureiro.

Ageing: Stainless steel.

Alcohol: 10.5%.

Tasting Notes: Pale-yellow citrine colour. Aromas of white orchard fruits and a light touch of tropical fruitiness on the nose. Fresh, smooth and enjoyable on the palate, lovely for sipping on any occasion.

Food Pairing: A natural partner for any fish or seafood dish as well as Portuguese specialties such as caldo verde. Also good with other white meats, salads, and vegetables. Try with spicy Asian dishes.

Serving Temperature: 7 to 9C (chilled).

Availability: Please inquire.

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